Resources for Emotional Healing

Following are tools and resources I recommend for your personal transformation and growth journey.

I don't recommend without trying or doing tons of research!

Don't see something listed, but looking for something specific? Send me a note and I will see if I can help!

Tools to Release Past Trauma

There are many different ways for you to find relief from the stuff you uncover. I have spent years trying different ways to make progress faster so I don't have to make the same mistakes!  

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or tapping)  - this one paired with journaling has had the most impact on my progress in pretty much every area of life.  It helps you release the problem and replace them with new positive thoughts and beliefs. Short version of how: it calms your Amygdala so you can get in touch with logic and rewire what you need. Learn more about how it works here: The Tapping Solution (Affiliate Link)
  • Guided Meditations - finding the right guided meditation will help you clear your past hurts and even help you discover some.  I use the app called Insight Timer that has guided meditations and also a timer for quiet meditation. Guided meditations are the best way to get your mind to calm down! (I do have meditations on the app, so search me when you are there!)
  • Body Work - we hold our emotional pains and a bunch of other gunk in our bodies. As you release past pains, some of it can linger in your body. My favorites are yoga, Reiki, chiropractic and good old fashioned exercise.

Best Personal Emotional Healing Books

*According to me! I do read a lot though! 🙂

Don't know something? Read. Hands down this is my favorite way to learn and discover.

  • The Four Agreements - This book has four "rules" to live by. I consider myself a student of this book and am amazed that no matter how many times I read it I learn something new. I now keep it on the table where I journal. I will pull quotes from the book and journal about what those mean and how to apply them to my life
  • The Four Agreements Companion - This second book that helps you process the original book is well worth the money. When you are confused about how to apply the Four Agreements, this one helps you figure it out.
  • The Mastery of Love - after you finish The Four Agreements, I recommend you start on the Mastery of Love. This book is great for learning how to enter into relationship that are healthy and whole. I also keep this one around for when I journal and need some guidance.
  • Dealing with the Crazy Makers In Your Life - this book opened my eyes to how others create drama and problems for those around them. After reading this I finally had words I could put to how some people made me feel. And why I had allowed it for so long!
  • Boundaries - this is a must read for almost everyone. It will help you ensure your needs are being met while at the same time ensuring you are not taking advantage of others. As a recovering compliant, this book has saved me many times. (You will learn what a compliant is in the book!)
  • Radical Forgiveness - I read and research a lot on forgiveness. It was not until I read this book that I had a major break thorough in forgiving people in my life. (You can learn more  about my forgiveness tools in this blog post on Forgiveness.)
  • Will I Ever Be Good Enough? Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers - this book was transformation for me. It gave me permission to fully accept that not everything was okay growing up. It was so powerful I bought copies for a few people before I was even done with the book.


General round up of everything else I think is beneficial.

Heal Documentary - I love this movie. It quickly summarized everything I have been learning for over 15 years!

My Favorite Meditation Pillow - has the feelings listed, so if I am stuck I just look down! 🙂

 ** Some of these links are affiliate links. This means I may get a bit of money if you buy from them. This does not cost you extra money. I also do not recommend something that I have not already tried. Please let me know if you ever have any questions.***