Reiki Distance Healing

What is Distance Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of energy healing.  Reiki assists with relaxation and energy release that what is not serving you. A distance Reiki session, simply means you are one place and I am another!

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How Does Distance Reiki Work?

As a Reiki practitioner reaches level two they learn how to focus the healing energy over a distance. Reiki energy does not come from the practitioner. The practitioner is a channel for energy from our higher life source. Because we are all connected, directing that energy to you from afar is possible. Time and space are not a factor with energy.

As we each settle in, I start the connection with a special prayer and symbol that connects us to each other. This then allows me to feel your energy and realign it.

Additionally as an intuitive and empath, I have trained myself to be able to safely connect to get more information to be able to heal you and understand possible causes of your discomfort.

distance reiki

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Reiki Costs

A distance healing with me is $89. During the session I do the Reiki, plus balance your chakras. If your angels want to communicate with you, they will do that also. I then send the messages after the healing.

I do offer pre-paid packages to assist you with the costs. All pre-paid sessions must be used within 6 months of purchasing.

Single Session



Pre-Pay 6 Sessions

Brings the cost down to $79 a session



How to Schedule Your Reiki Session?

You can book your Reiki session by sending me a note, click here and you will be sent right to the form. (Or keep scrolling and you will find it!)

Distance Reiki FAQ

What Happens in Reiki Session?

To begin, I will text or email you that I am starting. (Based on your preference). At that point I begin the connection and healing. At the end I will text you again with any information that may have come up.

You may feel the energy as I am doing the healing, but you also might not! Every session is different for every person. Personally when I am receiving Reiki don't feel it every time! What I do feel is relaxed and cleared later.

Do I Need to do Anything During My Reiki Session?

Nothing is required of you other than to show up and prepare to enjoy a relaxing session. You can just sit and relax, lay down and relax or even sleep. The only rule around what you can do - no operating heavy machinery or driving, etc. Reiki will relax you, don't do anything that you would put you or others in harms way.

How Long do Distance Sessions Last?

They last about 30 minutes. It takes approximately 15 to 25 minutes for the healing. Then we either chat on the phone or via text about what I found. If you prefer, I can email you the details.

Are We on the Phone During the Reiki Session?

No, the energy healing happens without words. I make the connection to you on an energetic level. We will touch base afterwards to review the session.

What are we Reviewing from the Session?

During the session, I feel your energy. It is what I am re-balancing. Where energy is and how strong it is can have direct implications on what you may need to do in life to work on better health.

For example, if there is energy gathering in your feet it is tied to your Root Chakra. This can represent security and basic needs issues. We will also review any messages your angels send me. They tend to do this to expand on the area that you need to work on.

So a root chakra block might come with a message to get out into nature more and practice movement meditation.

What Should I Expect After a Reiki Session?

The healing experience is different for everyone. Depending on what and how much we worked on you may feel some physical or emotional detoxing effect after.

This typically only happens in about 1 out of 6 healings.

So what exactly might you experience if this happens to you? You may be more tired, or be more susceptible to sickness. This should clear within a few days.

You may also experience an emotional detox. If your energy block was due to a specific issue, you may find it easier to work through it. Or it may creep up and test you!

Are Reiki Sessions Confidential?

I do not share any of what comes up during Reiki sessions. It is yours to share unless you would like me to share on your behalf. This confidentiality is not however like that of attorney/client!

Is Reiki Covered by Insurance?

This is something you need to check with your insurance about. Many insurance companies are recognizing Reiki healing as a complementary form of medicine.

I do not bill directly through insurance. But I can provide an invoice for your Reiki session, for you to submit to your insurance company.

How Many Reiki Sessions are Needed?

This varies from person to person. Some people may need just one or two to clear the energy. Then they can do maintenance session every couple months. Some may require 6 or more sessions before they reach a maintenance point. You will know by how you are feeling. I will know by how much energetic gunk you pick up between sessions.

This There any Location Requirements in Distance Healing?

Nope, you really can be anywhere. I did a session with a client in Turkey while I was in Dallas, Texas. We just have to find the right time for each of us. 

I am in the Central Time Zone, and will use that to book our appointments. But don't worry if we are many time zones apart. You can be asleep while I do the work!

What is an Intuitive?

An intuitive is someone who can access information from a different source. Each person has their own gifts and skills as to what they can access and how they do so. Mine are being a clairsentient, clairaudient and I am an empath. This means I can feel what is going on, know what is needed and can hear my angels and your angels when they wish to communicate. I do not talk to those who have crossed over, unless they have joined your angel team!

What Types of Messages do You Receive?

Most messages have to do with things you are currently facing in life. Either directions, or support, sometimes both. It is completely up to your angel guide team what they want to share.

What if I Don't Want to Hear Messages?

Then you won't! Most of the time your angels honor your wishes. I have done sessions, where we just do the Reiki with no intuitive aspects.

Are All Reiki Therapists Intuitives?

No. Just as every author writes, they all do it with their own style and topics. Every Reiki therapist is taught how to transfer healing energy from the universe to a client. We all do it with our own style! My style is intuitive emotional healing so you can live a better life - emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally!