Stop Letting Fear Dominate Your Life

Learn to be able to manage your fear and go after exactly what you want in life!

Even if You Don't Know What the Fear is.

Yup, you read that right. Even if you have no idea what the fear is. You are either stuck and not taking action, or worse taking action but not seeing results. Most of the time there is a fear standing in your way.

I am overly familiar with this. I am a born worry wort. If there is something to worry about, I have it covered. Even with these easily identifiable fears, that I was facing. I still found myself stuck.

Frustrated that I kept running into the same problems. Thinking I was not smart enough. Or that I did not have the right skill set.

It's one thing to face your fear of public speaking or of heights. (Both of which I have done)

It is a completely different thing to face your fears of success. (Yet another I have had to face.)

These types of fears make you feel like you are incompetent. Or that you are the only one who can't manage to figure this thing called life out.

No matter what you seem to try. You are stuck.

How to Overcome Fear

That is exactly why I created this online class. To help others overcome not just identifiable fears. But the fears that are lurking beneath the surface. Messing with your life.

The course is also available on Skill Share if you have an account!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Immediate access to all lessons! Including downloadable worksheets. Allowing you to work at your own pace.


Tired of not feeling confident? Fear is a major contributor to confidence. Gain the power you need to face your fears and take your confidence back.

Inner Peace

What? I know that might seem like a weird benefit. But the more you face your fears. The more you understand them. The more confidence you have. The more you have trust in yourself. This is inner peace.

Course Lessons


In this short lesson, I make sure you know what we are covering. Plus information on how the course is structured.


Module 2: Fear Myths

In this lesson we cover the big four myths of fear. Before we can identify and clear our fears it is important to know exactly what fear is. Most of what you hear about fear is wrong, so we are going to set the record straight.


Module 3: How to Identify Fear

Since not all fears run around screaming that they are a fear, we take some time to understand how to identify fears. There are things we do in our every day life that are indicators that you have a fear impacting you.


Module 4: How to Calm Your Fears

It is pretty hard to overcome a fear if you are panicked about it. In this module I give you some techniques to calm and understand your fears. Allowing you to rationally overcome your fears.


Module 4: How to Manage & Overcome Your Fears

This module gives you tools to make sure that your fears don't win. After all even if you know they exist, but can't manage them. You are no better off.


I am including a few extra tools to help you overcome your fears.

Bonus 1
Journal Prompts

The more you know about your fears, the more you can beat them. But we are often stuck on why they are there! Not to worry, in this PDF I give you some journal prompts and ideas on what you may be looking for.

Bonus 2
Downloadable Meditation

This meditation will help you understand exactly why you are scared. Getting in touch with your mind, heart and gut.

Bonus 3

Plus, I am including more worksheets to get you thorugh. Stories so you understand what the who process looks like.

About The Course Teacher,
Andrea Belzer

Andrea Belzer teaches emotional healing and spiritual growth. Through writing, classes and one-on-one work she helps women to understand what is blocking them, heal those blocks and gain the happiness they desire. 

She is a trained coach, Reiki therapist and mediation teacher. Plus she is a born worrier (Enneagram 6). Everything she teaches, she has experienced. Most of which she practices on a daily basis!

But what is going to cost?

I hate it when a sales page gets me all excited, but then the cost is hidden. You just need to apply or fill out this form for a sales call. Or worse yet - not available! Just fill out this form and you will be notified when it is available.  

Both of those drive me crazy. So I make my stuff available all the time. Your fears are not taking a break, so you should be able to fix them the moment you are ready. And no hidden costs or calls needed.

So without further ado: the cost is $35.

Yes, you read that right. You get all the classes, videos and workbook for only $35. And they are available right after payment. (Well, as soon as the email service providers get you your log in information!)

*If you have a Skill Share Account, the class is there also!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course not good for?

If you are dealing with a phobia or have an anxiety disorder, this course is not your best option. I recommend you work with a counselor to explore your options. While what I talk about can help, it might trigger your issues.

How long do I have access to the course?

As long as you need. Or I decide to take down the course. (Which I have zero plans to. And will let you know WAY ahead of time!) Translation: you can keep using it every time you face a new fear!

Facing your fears is not easy. But I can tell you from personal experience, that every fear you face. Even if you do not fully overcome it. Makes you a stronger person. Gives you an inner confidence that can't be replaced.

Confidence comes from facing life head on. Not a trick. Not an affirmation. But from looking life in the eyes and taking control!

Fear is the first obstacle in facing life.

Are you ready to face yours?

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Register for the Fear Class

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Register for the Fear Class

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USD 35.00