In this episode I share messages channeled from my angel team and a meditation to help you process this information.

Bonus Video of Oracle Card draw for New Moon Solar Eclipse Available on YouTube or TikTok. Deck used this Month: Angel Deck from Kyle Grey

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Episode Highlights:

Here is the expert from the Little Book of Wisdom:

new moon solar eclipse meditation
little book of wisdom

Quote from Mastery of Love:

"In your heart is all the love you need." - Don Miguel Ruiz from Mastery of Love

Journal Prompts From Meditation for New Moon:

  • How can I be more loving to myself
  • Where have I been selfish lately
  • What was I lacking to act in this way
  • Where do I need to release judgement?


Books mentioned in this episode:

The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz:

don Miguel Ruiz's Little Book of Wisdom: The Essential Teachings:

Episode Transcript

Hi, I'm Andrea. And this is the Sagittarius new moon, solar eclipse channeled messages and meditation. So to start with, I want to talk about the messages that I've channeled. So just a quick behind what I typically do is, um, get into my meditation chair, sit down, relax and tune in and just ask what guidance needs to be given and how they want me to source that. So I channel multiple, um, different, I don't know, I don't even know what to call them all because I channeled so many different things that I usually don't even ask. They are. Um, sometimes I will, and sometimes they'll just tell me, but I'll just kind of hone in touch base with my spirit guides and then ask, okay, what, what do we need to know? So this particular new moon, they directed me towards, um, Toltec wisdom, very specifically the teachings of Don Miguel Ruiz, who I love and use his stuff a lot.

And I use this stuff a lot because it's very practical. You can actually apply it to your life. So, um, this is what they had to say. Now I will share, um, quotes from the passages and the books that they, um, had me use. I will put that either in the comments below, or I might actually, um, create a page on my website. I'll let you know, look below. No, no. Um, okay. So here's what they have to, they had to say, and I'm reading this because I don't want to miss any of this stuff because it's really important for right now and how we move into 2021 and how we move into all the new energies that are coming at us. So what they basically said is you have to respect others and that they have different ideas and beliefs. It is not your job to convince other people to be on your side.

And a side note is we're all here for a different lesson. We're all here to learn something or multiple somethings, very specifically that we came in and this might be completely opposite of what somebody else is here for. So if I'm here to learn the aspect of healthy love and your here to learn the aspect of negative love, then my belief is going to be very different from your belief. And nothing that I can say is going to convince you otherwise, because that's not why you're here. And so part of the uplifting energies that we need to bring to the world involve respecting others and respecting that their beliefs simply are not going to be our beliefs. So with that said, um, we you cannot approach respect from the point of forcing other people to your beliefs. Now, what we need to focus on instead is our own personal truths.

It is focusing on those lessons that we are here for. If somebody comes to you and wants your opinion, and wants you to guide them and wants you to change their beliefs, that's a different story. But forcing somebody, um, is not healthy instead, what we need to focus on. And what they said is it's all about self-love. You need to find your truth and your truth starts in self love. When you focus on improving how you love yourself, you no longer need to force your beliefs on anybody, which makes respect all that much more powerful. It's one of the reasons we have so many issues right now is there's just this lack of self-love. We are, we've convinced ourselves that our purpose, that our meaning that our worthiness in life is convincing everybody else to think just like us, but that is not, it, it wouldn't work.

If we were all here for the exact same purpose to learn the exact same lessons, it wouldn't work. Like we'd just be walking around like a bunch of zombies, because we all thought the same thing. And that's not the whole purpose of karma and purpose and everything. So, um, to summarize what often a little rant there, um, in order to gain respect and to give respect, you need to stop forcing your opinions on others. And instead turn around and focus on self love, love yourself. And then everything gets better. Focus on your truth and move from there. So I'm doing a quick check to make sure that was all the channels that they gave me. Nope, that's it. So now we are going to get into the meditation portion, um, of this new moon eclipse part.

As we begin our meditation, please get into a comfortable position, whether that's seated or laying down. I do encourage you to have a journal near by as you receive answers to the questions that we will be asking. So let's begin with a series of deep breaths to calm our mind and body, take a deep breath in

And exhale, take a deep breath in and exhale, take a deep breath in and exhale.

Now I want you to continue the deep breathing at your own pace.

Remember that all the love that you need is already inside you accessing that love will lead you to a happier life. I want you to call to mind how you can be more loving to yourself. If this is hard for you to answer, allow your mind to grow quiet and ask your spirit guides, to give you the information that you need. How can I be more loving to myself?

Where have I been selfish lately?

What was I lacking to act in this way? Where do I need to release judgment? Especially towards myself. Where am I being too critical?

Say to yourself out loud or in your mind. Peace, love and joy are mine for the taking Peace love. Peace, love, and joy are mine for the taking.

Let's do a final, deep breath together, breathing in and exhaling. If you don't feel like you got the information that you needed from this meditation, take those questions to your journal and begin writing about them. Let the answers come. This does not need to be rushed. Take your time with this. You will find in the next weeks coming, the information will appear that you need to get closer to true self-love. Thank you for sharing your time with me.

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