My name is Andrea.

I​ have always been a Type-A, go hard all the time person. Who also always worked on becoming better.

​I was attending personal development workshops and retreats in high school!

​I thought I knew exactly who I was and what I wanted.

Little did I know that life was going to take me on a journey that would force me to clarify exactly who I was and what I wanted.

​See by 40 I was exhausted, frustrated, confused, angry, sad, scared and so much more.  I no longer bounded out of bed. I was not excited to live my own life.

​I was not depressed, I was stuck in a life that I was no longer a part of. The real me just followed along with the me who had let life lead the way. 

I knew something had to change.

​But before we get to what changed, let's rewind to when I was 26!

​At 26, I got married and moved to Australia.

For the first time since I was 14 I could not work, as I  did not have my work visa yet.​​​​​

But like any self respecting Type-A I made a schedule of my apartment chores, workout and tourist stuff.

Yet even with with my schedule the move and lack of work ignited in me new questions beyond how do I get better?

​I began to ask things like:

  • Who am I?
  • What do I want?

I did not think I was confused and lost. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted.

But what started to ​surface were thought like I never took the time to stop and wonder what I really wanted.

Not family, friends or society - but what do I want?

I had been assuming that everything I was chasing was what I wanted, but was beginning to see it was not.

Australia September 2000

andrea travillian in australia

Nambucca Heads, NSW

Andrea travillian sydney olympics

Olympic Park, Sydney 2000

Fast Forward four years...

I have left the corporate world and started a business, we had moved back to the States, bought a house and had my son.

My son's birth catapulted my self discovery journey to the next level.

It was a very difficult time as I was dealing with:

  • Physical recovery - the childbirth was not easy and I had a near death experience.
  • ​Postpartum Depression
  •  A family members mental health and addiction issues
  • ​Deciding if I wanted to keep my business open.

This shifted me even deeper into the question - Who Am I?

andrea travillian

My Son & I at the Start

This stage also propelled me into wanting to know how to stop repeating old patterns.

I wanted to be more of me and begin to figure out what was triggering me and stopping me from success.

​Fast ​forward nine years...

I am miserable, my marriage is falling apart, my business is struggling, my health is deteriorating and I am miserable.

This triggered four years of intensive work on me.

Not only finding more clarity around who I am, but now actively finding ways to heal old emotional hurts, uncover limiting beliefs and finally for the first time in my life - feeling content and at peace.

Knowing who I am and what I want.

I was finally able to feel inner peace, confidence and real excitement for my life.

​​​Now I get to teach others how I achieved this.

  • How I discovered who I am.
  • How I healed my emotional hurts and ​limiting beliefs.
  • How I learned to thrive.

​Are you ready to claim your inner peace and excitement for life?


andrea travillian

​Block Island 2018

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