Meditation is a great way to relax, ground and allow your intuition, spirit guides and source communicate with you. 

My meditations specialize in helping you tap into the answers that are waiting for you. And to also allow you to relax and unwind so stress does not consume you.

Below is a list of my meditations and where you can find them. (Coming soon will be the ability to purchase and download them for your use anywhere.)

You can also find my meditation on my meditation podcast! See details below.

*I am still working on categorizing these. Many more available. Check out my YouTube channel!


Guided Sleep Meditations

Evening Sleep Ritual: YouTube or Insight Timer

Problem Solving Meditations

Guided Visualization to Find Problem:  YouTube or Insight Timer

Seeing New Opportunities Visualization: YouTube or Insight Timer

Meditations for Anxiety & Stress

Gathering Stressful Thoughts:  YouTube or Insight Timer

Meditative Journaling

Meditations to Access Your Intuition

Meditations for Full & New Moon

For the full and new moon, I connect with my spirit guides and various universal sources to channel a message for the upcoming two weeks. However, they are useful for other times. Use your intuition to pick the one that is right for you. Following are the playlists that contain the current and past lunar meditations.

YouTube or Insight Timer

Meditations for Fear

Understanding Fear: Guided Meditation to Find the Answers You Need:   YouTube  or Insight Timer