Journaling For Emotional Healing & Self Discovery

There are many ways to deal with life's ups and downs. When you are struggling with goals. Unhappy with life. Or simply just not sure what to do next. It can frustrating to know what will help you the most. Or even just where to start. This is where journaling comes in. More than just a tool to sort through your emotions, it can help you figure out why you are struggling. Uncover limiting beliefs and begin the work of healing.

You are in the right place if you are ready to learn how to journal, or how to make your current journaling more effective.

New to journaling? Just need a refresher on best practices? Start with my Beginners Guide on How to Journal:

Journaling Prompts

One of the best ways to start jouranling if you are stuck is to use a journal prompt. A journal prompt is a question to help you dig into the topic of the prompt. It gets the creative juices flowing.

Below are a couple articles with journal prompts. Or you can get my book with 109 journal prompts for self discovery. (Available on most ebook platforms, and in print at Amazon.)

Journal Inspiration

These articles cover a variety of topics that will help you build your jouranling practice.

Stuck staring at a blank page and not sure how to start?

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Journal Prompt Book

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What are the Benefits of Journaling?

The benefits are numerous. Including everything from discovering limiting beliefs to healing emotional wounds. The sheer amount of benefits from journaling is why it is my favorite way to explore me and my feelings.

Just a few for you to see the benefits of journaling:

  • Science has shown that it reduces activity in your amygdala, which is where our emotions are processed. Allowing you to better understand what is triggering you.
  • Physical benefits including strengthened immune cells. Who does not want to be healthier!
  • Reduced stress as you are able to release your anger and worries.
  • Better sleep. Doing a brain dump before bed has been shown to shorten how long it takes you to fall asleep.

But to me the most important reason to journal is to be able to control your emotions, discover limiting beliefs, and even learn to begin emotional healing. It has been my go to tool for working through any problem.

Even if I am just feeling off and need to explore why - it has helped.

Journaling has allowed me to grow personally and transform my life. At a fraction of the cost of a counselor.

What to Journal About:

This is the best part of journaling. You can write about anything.

Here are just a few of the things that you can journal about:

  • Dreams you had the night before
  • New business ideas
  • Your feelings
  • Your goals

The options are endless, and they are all beneficial.

Still stuck on what to write about in your journal? Here is a list I made of the most common types of journals.

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Journaling FAQ

Should I keep my journals?

This is a personal preference. You have a few options.

1. Destroy them immediately. Do this if you fear someone will see it, or you are simply using journaling as a venting tool.

2. Save for a while then destroy. I used to do this when I first started. I would finish a journal. Save it for about a year, re-read it and then destroy it.

3. Keep them permanently. This is where I have moved to now. Mainly because I go back and look for things like journal prompts and lessons I have learned. Also because there are so many great lessons in them, I don't want to lose them.

Should I date my entries?

Having a time frame is beneficial if you plan on keeping your journals. If you don't plan on keeping them, it is less important.

You can either date them every time you write. Or what I do is write the start date of the journal on the front page. Then when I am done, I write the end date on the same page. I do this because, I will often journal a couple times a day and sometimes forget to date it.

Should I re-read my journals?

I love re-reading my journals. I do this at two different times.

1. Before starting to journal, I will sometimes re-read the last couple entries. This is for a couple reasons. Sometimes there are great insights you get after the fact. Reviewing helps you gather more from one session.

2. A year or two later. I love to do this to see how far I have come. It helps keep me motivated and excited to continue with my  emotional healing work.