Stop Stressing Over Your Blank Journal Page

​Start Gaining Insight Into Your Life

  • ​Tired of the same boring, repetitive journal prompts?
  • ​Ready to journal not for memories, but for self exploration and growth?
  • ​Tired of journal prompt books with too much blank space or not enough?
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​Hi, I'm Andrea. My life has drastically changed for the better because of journaling. Now I want to share ​with you the journal prompts that allowed me to find myself. heal from my divorce and create the life I wanted!

Andrea travillian

​Journaling With the Right Questions Can Change Your Life!

Not the type of journaling where you are trying to save your memories for the future or track goals. But the type of journaling that allows you to dig deep. Do some soul searching. Discover what is stopping you from the life that you want.

​Journal Prompt Book for Self Discovery

This e-book will give you 109 thought provoking questions for you to explore. To dig deeper into your emotions and who you want to be.

The download will give you the questions, but allow you to choose the book to write in.

I know that the wrong book can make journaling miserable. When I first started journaling and had the wrong book, I never wrote as long or as often. So I made no progress.

Worse yet were the books that had space in them to write. It was always too long or too short. Very rarely did the question and the space allowed to write in match.

​Start Using Journaling for ​Healing Today!

​Order your journal prompt book today, available through most e-book shops and in print at Amazon. ​

​Journal Prompts Straight From My Own Journals

I have been journaling for over 20 years. During my divorce I mastered the art of using it as a counselor, a friend and guide.

 I began to learn how to make decisions and dig to the core of my problems with my journal.

​Along the Way I Started Tracking the Questions that Worked the Best for Me.

After four years of collecting these journal prompts, I have gathered 109 questions. Actually more, but I narrowed it down to 109 of the best ones.

​Journal Prompts That Got Me Through My Divorce

These prompts got me through my divorce and the years beyond it. They helped me redefine who I was and create a life I love.

​Benefits of Having Journal Prompts

  • ​Never Stare at a Blank Page
    ​​Journaling only helps if you can write something down. But even the best journaler in the world will have days they draw a blank. These prompts will help you conquer that blank page.
  • ​​Goes with You Everywhere
    ​​​Some of my best journaling has taken place on vacation. So, I wanted to make sure you always have these questions with you. Thus, it is an eBook to go with you everywhere. And if you prefer the print version - it is small! I made it so it would fit in your purse or bag!
  • ​Re-use Questions Over and Over
    ​​​Instead of writing in the book once and never getting to use the book again. I designed it that you can use these questions over and over. Using your own book to write in give you the flexibility to do things your way.
  • ​You Decide What to Write In
    ​​I believe that you should pick what you write in. Being constrained by small books, never helps anyone. No matter how great the questions are, if you can't fully answer them why bother?

​Are You Ready to Let Journaling Help You Through to The Next State of Life?

​Get Yours Today! Available at most e-book retailers. Print available at Amazon.

​Andrea Travillian

About the Author

​Andrea Travillian is a self-rediscovery life coach helping women find themselves and start new chapters in their lives. Through her three-step coaching method, Andrea assists women to discover, heal, and thrive, so they can stop putting their happiness on hold and reclaim excitement for their future.

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