Fear is debilitating.

It stops you from being you.

It stops you from reaching your dreams and goals.

Fear destroys hope. With no hope you are stuck in fear longer. You begin to believe that fear is a normal state.

The thing is that you don't even realize you are being driven by fear. It is just your normal state.


Not until life presents a moment where you are forced to take action do you begin to see you were living in fear. That every decision was based in fear.

Waking up is scary. Waking up from fear means your ground has shifted. You have to find new footing in life.

You have to find a new solid ground where you can begin to build over again.

Until you find this new stable ground life seems overwhelming and even scarier than it was when you were operating from fear.

This is when you begin to doubt yourself. You start believing your former fear space was actually safe.

Yet it was not. It was an illusion of safety.


Fear wants you to think it is a safe warm place. Not until you walk through the fear do you see its deception.

On the other side you find the true safe space.

Yourself. Inner Peace.

That is the true safe space - believing in you.

When you look back you can see the fear, deception and pain. And how it was impacting you and your life.

  • Some may never see they are living in fear.
  • Some may break free just to run right back to living in fear.
  • Some will find the peace filled space on the other side of fear.

Which person do you want to be? Are you ready to stop living in fear?

I choose peace on the other side of fear. Will you join me?


Facing your fear begins by learning more about yourself. Every great journey and growth experience starts with self-discovery.

When you know yourself, you can take the right actions for you to work on fear. You make decisions that are based on what is best for you.

The best way to know yourself better is to journal. Writing is therapeutic and informative.  Learn more about How to Journal here.

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