How to Journal for Self Discovery Workshop

Want more inner peace and happiness in your life?

Journal Writing can help!

As if inner peace and happiness were not enough journaling can help you uncover limiting beliefs, release emotional pain, process ideas and my favorite - save money on counseling!

I personally write in my journal at least once a day - discovering hidden beliefs and issues that I did not even know were a problem.

But it was not always like this for me.

My diary writing began while I was in middle school.  I have no idea what I wrote or where those books went.

By high school, I had stopped. Then started again sometime after college.  Then stopped.

It basically went on like this for years! Until 2014. This is when I began to use my journal on a regular basis.

When I began to use my journal not just as a planning tool or memory keeper but as a way to re-discover who I was and more importantly finally heal a lifetime of emotional pain and trauma.

What I have learned is different techniques, approaches and ways to make journaling productive and useful.

journal workshop

I know what you are thinking - I am not good at writing, I don't have enough time, what if someone reads it.

The list can go on and on!

I am here to tell you that everyone can learn to journal. And I can teach you.

I created a one day workshop to help you get started to using your journal writing for self-discovery and healing.

What We Cover in Journaling For Self Discovery Workshop

Journal Basics - we get you started on the right foot by going over types of journals, the science behind it, how to set up a routine,and more!

Ways to Journal - over the years I have discovered many different methods to work through a problem or to discover what is blocking you. In the workshop we will cover my favorites and have time to practice them. You will get time to even practice and then ask follow up questions.


How to Overcome Your Road Blocks - we will cover all those pesky topics like creating time and the fear of someone finding the journal.


What to do with what you discover. Yes it is great when you have a big aha moment, but what do you actually do with that? We will cover some ways to heal those emotions and limiting beliefs that come up.

Ready to learn to journal? Sign up for one of our workshops below!


My workshops are temporarily on hold while I convert it to book and online class format! In the meantime check out my articles on how to journal. Or check out my journal prompt book. 109 Journal Prompts for Self Discovery!

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*This workshop can be presented in different formats for special events. Hosting a wellness retreat, corporate health and wellness program? I can customize and work with you to make it just right for your group and needs. Contact me for more details.