Happiness Coaching Intensive

You want to be happy.

You are tired, frustrated and unsure what to do next.

You keep thinking if only I could change....

You have tried journaling, yoga, meditation.

Everything "they" tell you to try.

It lasts for a week or two.

Then you are back to looking for a solution. Or simply back to your old ways.

happiness coaching

This cycle has been going on for months, possibly even years.

Believing you can find happiness if you just fix.. 'XYZ'.

But even when you fixed 'Y,' your happiness did not change.

Are you ready to break the cycle?

Are you ready to stop trying to solve every little problem one at a time?

Then this program is for you.

The Happiness Coaching Intensive

So what exactly is that?

See, one of the reasons that you are not finding solutions is that you are fixing the surface problems.

It's not about the problems you are trying to fix. It is not about improving your relationship, or making more money or being skinnier.

It is about healing you. Healing the emotions you have been ignoring. Learning to listen to yourself. Re-writing limiting beliefs.

When you focus on emotional healing and self discovery, then you begin to find the happiness that you have been craving.

What Does the Happiness Intensive Entail?

We take two weeks and put you though and emotional healing boot camp.

This is what it includes:


Four coaching sessions of about an hour a piece. We schedule 2 a week for us to check in, discuss what you are finding and help you where you are stuck. Why do I say "about" an hour? Because I don't limit these, it is an intensive. So if it takes us 90 minutes then we take 90 minutes.


4 Distance Reiki Treatments. Why? Because as you are clearing out past emotions and healing limiting beliefs, you create what I like to call energetic gunk. This needs cleared or you may experience negative side effects or a slow down in your progress. Reiki is a great way to keep you clear.


Email and text access to me. Have a question? Stuck on a problem? Want to share a big win? I am here.


Two week after intensive follow up email and text. Obviously the work does not end after the first two weeks. While I wish I could tell you everything will be great, it does not work like that. Emotional healing takes time. So for the two weeks after our intensive, you can still email and text me.


Past Life Regression if you need it. This is better when you are further along in your spiritual journey. But if we both determine you are ready for it and it is right for you then we will do this!


My journal prompt ebook, so you don't have to stare at a blank page!

Ready to Claim Your Happiness?

Then it is time we chat. Let's get on the phone and make sure this is the right option for you. And that we are a good fit.

Still have questions on the healing intensive?

Check out these FAQ's!

What Does it Cost?

Your investment for everything listed above is $2,500.

How Do We Meet?

We can do your sessions either by phone or via a software that will allow us to see each other and see each others screens. This is not Zoom or Skype, but a specialty software that does not require you to download anything. And it is HIPPA Complainant, so safer to use.  Just click a link on any device and we are connected. And it keeps our sessions so you can look at them again if you need. (If you are curious it is Vectera)

What are Your Hours for Text and Email?

While I would love to say 24 hours, but I do sleep! 🙂  For the most part I am available between 10 am and 8 pm central time.

Can We Fix Everything in Two Weeks?

Sadly no. Everyone's journey is different, so I can't tell you how long yours will take. Once I committed myself to doing the work, it took me about four years to get to where I could be authentically content and happy. Yes you read that right - years. But I also did that while living my regular life. I did not go live in a monastery or spend it in retreat. This intensive is meant to get you headed down the right path. You will walk away with not only progress on where you need to go, but also the tools to keep going.

Why Will We Still Use the Tools That are Not Working For Me Now?

One of the things we look at is how to use them effectively, while working on the right things. It's not that journaling, meditation, yoga and everything else does not work. Its that we need to use them the right way for the right things. When you understand what you are looking for and how to use each tool the best way for that purpose, everything changes. I myself journaled for 15 years before it finally started working! I don't want you to have to take 15 years, so I will teach you!

How Much Time Do I Need to Set Aside?

You will need to set aside some extra time in order to get the most from your intensive. Besides for the time for our coaching sessions, I recommend you set aside 1 - 2 hours a day for journaling and other items. Of course the more you set aside, the more you will accomplish!

Ready to Get Started?

Then it is time we chat. Let's get on the phone and make sure this is the right option for you. And that we are a good fit.

Don't let another day of happiness get away!

Our sessions have helped me so much with my personal growth. I guess I’m the kind of person who who is already very driven and focused, but what I’ve found with you is that we uncover the obstacles that are just beneath the surface. The ones that I don’t always when when I’m on my journey. Discovering and navigating around these has helped me make larger strides toward my end goal. I’m also more in control of my happiness and success. THANK YOU for that!”

Wendy, FL.

Andrea's compassionate yet realistic coaching approach is helping me get through the most painful and frightening experience of my life. In the past, I would have ignored or buried my feelings. Now, Andrea shows me ways to face and cope with my emotions. Without her help, this already painful experience, would have been even more difficult to get through. By helping me become a more emotionally resilient woman, she's helping my entire family. 

Cynthia, CO.

Ready to Get Started?

Then it is time we chat. Let's get on the phone/computer and make sure this is the right option for you. And that we are a good fit.

Don't let another day of happiness get away!

Who the Happiness Coaching Intensive is For:

  • You understand you control your happiness and are ready to do the work! No victim mentality for you (or you are ready to kick it out)
  • You can commit to the two weeks and do the work. After all you only get out what you put in! (Don't have that much time? Check out my one time sessions instead! You can schedule when you need a little boost and direction.)
  • You are ready to be open and honest with yourself.