About Me

andrea travillian

I am happiest when near the ocean. Just watching it, swimming in it or walking the beach - it is my happy space.

This is the place where I can relax and pull together all my thoughts.

And let me tell you there are a lot! Getting my mind to slow down is often a miracle.

So what am I thinking about? A little bit of everything.

I am multi-passionate, in love with personal development and a life long learner.

You might find me thinking about anything from my latest business (or even the 10 other business ideas I have), what trip I might take next, if the latest health gimmick works or if there are any interesting workshops/classes I can take.

I love to read, take pictures of nature, cook, research stocks and take long walks.

I am a natural born skeptic. So while I will try just about anything, and believe in some very nontraditional things, everything new I approach as if it were a fraud.  But once I have tried it and research it, I can quickly change my mind.

So follow along with me while I share what I learn, what I experience and sometimes just some random thoughts.

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Want more details on my story? I wrote an extended version of how I arrived at inner peace. You can read it here.

Or you can check out my version of Eat Pray Love!

Weekly Insights, Tips & Journal Prompts

Each Saturday I send out an email with a lesson or insight for the week. Plus a journal prompt to help you with the lesson. Don't miss out!

Other random things I love:

  •  Reiki - helped me control my own energy. Added bonus that I love helping others with it too!
  • Toltec Wisdom - especially anything from Don Miguel Ruiz
  • Investing - bought my first stock in 6th grade. Just sitting around playing with numbers makes me happy! (I share what I have learned on YouTube!)
  • Without journaling I would be lost. Been journaling for over 20 years, and it is my one reliable problem solver and insight giver.
  • My son - obviously! 🙂
  • Cooking - it is one of my favorite ways to relax and unwind. I turn on the the Food Network and get lost in chopping what ever veggies are on the menu! (Or if I am being honest, baking a cake!) 🙂
  • Problem Solving is one of my favorite skills to use!

Andrea's Official Bio

Andrea Belzer is the founder at Aspirify, Inc. Her third business.

Andrea has her BBA in finance from the University of Iowa, her MBA from Creighton University and her coaching certificate from the International Coaching Academy. She also has her Reiki Master certificate, meditation training and hypnotherapist training.

Her corporate experience includes: 

  • Banking - as a teller, assistant manager and back office operations.
  • Mortgage origination
  • Corporate finance - budgeting and forecasts
  • Taxes - one season at HR Block and I was forever indebted to my CPA for being amazing at what he does.
  • Retirement investing - back office while working in Australia for a superannuation company.

Small Business Owner Experience:

  • Event planning company
  • Bookkeeping company/fractional CFO
  •  Wealth coaching for business owners
  •  MLM in a wine tasting company

In addition Andrea is an angel investor in two start-ups. And has dabbled in crowd funding companies.

She lives in Frisco, TX with her son.

Andrea belzer